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Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary

The Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary is a religious Congregation that began in France during the turmoil of the French Revolution of the 1850's.  Father Francois Delaplace, C.S.Sp., founder of the Congregation, was concerned about the children in Paris who were left orphaned and homeless by the Revolution.  He prayed to know what it was that the Lord willed of him for these children.  One day, he was introduced to Marie Moysan, a young woman who was also seeking the Lord's will in her life.  Father Delaplace shared his concerns with her and asked for her assistance.  She responded immediately and began at once to search out means to establish an orphanage.  March 19, 1860, the feast of St. Joseph, was chosen as the opening day of their new orphanage, "The Orphanage of the Holy Family."  From this, the new religious family came to be known as the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary.

Early History of the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary

1889                 Sisters extended their mission to the United States

1895                 The Holy Family Academy in Beaverville was established

1896                 Holy Heart of Mary Novitiate opened in Beaverville

1897                 Took charge of Emergency Hospital in Kankakee (Presence St. Marys)

1922                 School of Nursing in Kankakee was chartered by the State of Illinois

1926                 Acquired Mercy Hospital in Champaign (Presence Covenant)

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