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Holy Family Academy


In answer to the invitation of the Bishop of the diocese and that of the Reverend L.G. Langlais, C.S.V., the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary came from Paris France to assure the direction of the school.  Opening day for the Holy Family Acedemy was September 5, 1895, and early records indicated the enrollment exceeded the space provided.  In 1896 the Holy Heart of Mary Novitiate House was established to recruit vocations.   In 1898 another building was added

which included the Academy chapel.  In 1906 another the building was

built, which included an auditorium, classrooms and the space that

housed the students.  In twenty years, the enrollment grew to over

300 students.  Beaverville had the very first convent and Catholic

school for the Servants of the Holy Heart of Mary in the United



Due to declining enrollment the elementary school closed in June of

1965 and in 1969 the high school closed their doors.


The Mother House/Novitiate left the Holy Family Academy and was transfered to Batavia, Illinois in 1956.  Holy Family Academy was razed in 1975-76.


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