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The celebration of the Sunday Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives as Catholic

Christians.  Preparation for receiving the Sacred Body and Blood of Christ begins at a

young age as parents teach their children the importance of our Sunday celebration. 

Coming to the Eucharist (Mass) is central to our faith-life and provides the nourishment

needed to live our daily lives 

There are many opportunities at St. Mary's to participate in the celebration of the 



–Saturday Mass: 4:00 PM


First Eucharist for Children:

When a child reaches the age when she/he understands the meaning of the Eucharist, and asks to come to the Table of the Lord, the baptized child is welcomed to our family table. The Sacrament of Holy Eucharist continues the initiation begun at Baptism. The initiation process continues through the conferring of Confirmation, the final sacrament of initiation.

–The Sacrament of Reconciliation precedes First Eucharist.

–Second grade is the usual age to receive First Eucharist at St. Mary's, and the children are prepared through their Religious Education classes.

–Information and formational meetings for both parent and child are required during the year.

–Other preparation prior to First Communion Day includes: a rehearsal for the sacramental day.



First Eucharist for Adults:

Adults (high school and older) who have not received their First Eucharist are invited to contact our priest to discuss their situation, the preparation required, and time of reception.

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